Improve Mental Health, Spiritual Connection, and Enhance Cognitive Function Through Cutting Edge Medicinal Mushroom Products.


The Journey – The perfect synergistic tea blend of psilocybin, ginkgo leaf, hibiscus flower, eleuthero root, gotu kola, parsley flakes, alfalfa leaf, bilberry, and ginger root


We ensure our products are hand processed, 100% organic, and chemical free. We use a Vancouver Island based company for our product testing.
About Westcoast Microdose

We believe in a future where the masses are living their highest potential.

We at Westcoast Microdose wouldn’t be where we are or who we are today without them. It’s why we are passionate to share their alchemical magic with you. The power of intentional microdosing to increase your perceptual awareness and to connect you deeper into yourself and into all aspects of life – physical and nonphysical.

We believe in a future where the masses are living their highest potential.

We believe in a future where anything is possible.

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All orders will be sent in discreet packaging
All orders will be sent in discreet packaging

What our buyers say

Great products and great people to deal with. Thanks!.

Jonathan Hamilton

Off antidepressants and feel the best I have in years since micro dosing. More clarity and focus..

Michelle M

I LOVE these 🍄micros! I’ve taken 100mg every morning for the past 9 months and I can’t imagine my life without them now. 30 mins after my dose, I notice.

Marah Rose Berezowsky

Great products. I have been microdosing for years and Westcoast Microdose definitely has the best blends around =).

James Caldwell

The best products! I feel every mother needs to microdose, thank you!!!!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏.

Samantha Leguerrier

These are some of the best microdoses I have ever tried ! They keep me focussed and full of energy. Highly recommend.

Navjeet Chhina

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