Denver Coffee Company Pairing Psilocybin in Products

Your cup of coffee in the morning is now closer to “what the doctor ordered” than ever.

Psilocybin in a morning brew? Your eyes read it right, a Denver, CO coffee company, Strava Craft Coffee is exploring the option to offer microdose levels of magic mushrooms in their coffee to patrons.

Don’t be confused; it’s not available quite yet, but due to the recent decriminalization of magic mushrooms in the city, the idea that legality may follow offers quite a bit of excitement in the possibility of the next few years.

Let’s just say Strava Craft Coffee will be ready to dose you when all systems are a “go.”

Strava Craft Coffee

Not taking the craft lightly in their name, Strava Craft Coffee currently offers their signature brews with doses of CBD.

The baristas and owners of Strava are no strangers to the health benefits CBD offers. They decided to pair it with the thing millions of Americans’ use as their “go-to” (COFFEE) for an undeniably healthy way to begin any morning, promote any mid-day pick-me-up and aid in each after-dinner warm-up.

“Drink Deeply. Live Fully. Savor every moment and live each day to your full potential.” – Strava

Magic Mushrooms & Legalily – Will It Really Happen?

Let’s for one moment think back (not very long ago) about the cannabis movement. A near 100% illegality in America moved to legal recreational use in Canada and then trickled to a few USA states and now it can be found legal for medicinal purposes in much of the country.

Yes, okay, magic mushrooms are a different drug, however, looking at the trend and shift of attitudes, studies and research, it looks as if psilocybin is following a similar pattern as marijuana.

Denver, CO was the first position in the United States to allow psilocybin to be decriminalized. Not long after this occurred in May 2019, Oakland, CA jumped on board in June 2019. Our guess is that it won’t be long until this suit will be followed in other cities, beginning with the ones firstly who accepted the cannabis movement.  

Johns Hopkins University, a renowned medical facility that produces and offers the industry’s top education and forward thinking medical practices just opened up their very own psychedelic research center. This center is to perform research and conduct studies on hallucinogenics. 

If Johns Hopkins’ diving in for exploration isn’t evidence enough on the interest of the medicinal world and its benefits, than we don’t know what is.

Tell Us More About This Coffee!

Okay, back to spilling the beans…coffee beans that is.

Designed to help fight anxiety and depression, this coffee and possibly even tea will be infused with microdoses of magic mushrooms.

Andrew Aamot, CEO of Strava asserts: “As research is proving, with measured consumption, cannabis and psilocybin can both promote physiological, mental and spiritual health.”

A cup of coffee from Strava (hopefully in the next year or so) will not trip you out as their finite tuned recipes are dedicated to promote health and well-being in the conscious non-hallucified state.

Stay tuned as we all head on this venture of the psilocybin renaissance.



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