Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: A Testimonial

 Microdosing magic mushrooms or psilocybin as it’s known, has increasingly become a subject of much interest. The interest spawns from those who perhaps have tried psychedelics before and even sparks the curiosity to shroom-virgins.

The reason for the eagerness lies within the health and wellness benefits that have been observed through studies, personal references and preclinical trials.

A mental health advocate, Janet Chang, began her one-year microdosing psilocybin journey as a newbie in the psychedelic world. Read along to be taken on her account on how magic mushrooms significantly impacted her life, improved her career, relationships and happiness.

Here is her Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: A Testimonial.

History of Janet Chang

Chang, perhaps an over achiever or just that good, was nearly a strait A student. She trained and competed in Olympic speed skating iterating her dedication, and discipline as an individual.

Always in search to “better” herself and find balance and growth, she resulted to meditation, yoga, powerlifting and intermittent fasting. You know, all of the things you’ve thought about doing (maybe even did) and then some!

First Psychedelic Experience

Never thinking of drugs to grow or heal past wounds, Chang tried psychedelics in Southeast Asia for the very first time. Life-changing was a mere understatement.

In her own words, “My perspective of psychedelics quickly changed and they became a vehicle for greater self-reflection and awareness.

They immediately seemed to reduce her social anxiety and worked “beyond her wildest expectations.” Aiding in increasing personal insight and helping her heal from childhood traumas that were buried deep within her suppressed mindset.

It was after this experience that Chang began to wonder if there was a sustainable way to leverage the power of psychedelics on a more consistent basis. Maybe smaller doses would do?

Chang’s Microdosing Journey

As a reminder, microdosing is the act of administering small doses of a psychedelic drug (in this case psilocybin) in order to observe health benefits rather than psychedelic trips.

Having the answer to her very first question within week one, gave Chang the hope and leverage to keep on.

Q: Is microdosing beneficial at all?

Chang observed increased awareness, in-tuned emotions, heightened mood and an easier time holding conversations.

Keeping a journal, Chang decided to track as many details as possible. She even fluctuated dosage amounts while accounting experiences.


On the lowest microdose (.15-.2g) Chang mentioned she was in an overall better mood, less anxious but not more or less productive.

The second microdose level observed (.2-.4g) She decided to observe two instances:

*Less Orderly + More Social: Normal anxiety, mood slightly lower than normal and higher than normal productivity.

*More Orderly + Less Social: The only difference to have noted was the slightly lower than normal productivity levels.

Highest microdose (.5g) This microdose seemed to tick all boxes, lower anxiousness, better mood, and much more productive.


Changs findings confirmed that the lowest and highest microdose amounts she observed seemed the most substantial in her daily lifestyle.

By the end of the year, she had changed her career which led to a salary DOUBLE! She improved emotional well-being and self-confidence as well as developed stronger relationships.

She no longer takes psilocybin on a daily basis as she finds it unnecessary for het mental balance. Instead, she now utilizes microdosing on occasion when she needs a bodily reset reminder. 

Source: https://medium.com/better-humans/how-one-year-of-microdosing-helped-my-career-relationships-and-happiness-715dbccdfae4


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