Can Microdosing Mushrooms Improve Relationships ?

Human instinct is to gravitate toward, try or read up on all things self-improvement. Add in relationship improvement and guaranteed, the list of people who would like to know the secret would sky-rocket.

The question we pose and unfold is: can microdosing mushrooms improve relationships?

Let’s begin by defining what constitutes as a “relationship”. Relationships are formed between two individuals. Those individuals could be lovers, friends, co-workers, siblings, family members or more. Relationships are the working cohesiveness (broken, bonded or whatnot) of two people. It is the connection between two entities, in this case, people. 

What is Microdosing

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Microdosing is the practice of administering small, precise amounts of a drug substance to reap specific, measurable and effective health benefits without altering or impairing the functionality of an individual.

Testimonials of Truth

The proof is in the pudding. Real-live people provided insight on their experiences with microdosing mushrooms in affiliation with their relationships. 

“When you finally connect with yourself, you have more of an ability to be accepting of others, as well as more authentic with them.” -Anonymous user

“I felt an increase in awareness in my own emotions, and an easier time starting and holding conversations.” –Janet L. Chang

“Microdosing itself doesn’t change the relationship. Changing yourself is what changes the relationship. Since I started microdosing, I have become less standoff-ish, open and warming which trickles down into my interactions with everyone.” –Jamaisvu33 (

Science Suggests 

Microdosing mushrooms affects the brain in where it offers much more of interconnectivity between regions of the brain that are typically non-communicational with each other. The result of this, offers a more creative, open-mindedness and clarity to the user. 

Magic mushrooms are known to affect the brain’s prefrontal cortex which is the part that controls abstract thinking, thought analysis and has a large portion of how mood and perception are perceived, to read more about this click here.

(Brain scans from Imperial College study showed a higher level of random neural activity than normal neural activity while under the influence of Psychedelics)

In an article published this February called “Can Microdosing Psychedelics Improve Your Relationship” Emily Kulpa and Kim Kuypers offer their professional opinion on the matter: 

Emily Kulpa, head pharmacist at the Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga’s Psychedelics Studies Research Program asserts that a number of studies suggest that microdosing can increase openness, empathy, mood and life satisfactions. Due to these adjustments to one’s behavior, it ultimately improves relationships in that person’s life. 

Offering more evidence, Kim Kuypers, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Maastricht University agrees that microdosing can lead to enhanced senses, positive mood, greater presence in the moment and improved-well-being. 

Yes, Microdosing Improves Relationships

Overall, the consensus is that microdosing itself cannot fix a broken relationship or the internal problems within that bond between you and another person, however it can change your outlook on life and personal mood.

Microdosing offers a chance for you as your own person to improve your communication, openness and tolerance which in turn allows for communication to be easier and clearer with other individuals ultimately improving relationships.

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