Are Mushrooms For Everyone?

Are Mushrooms For Everyone?

After taking mushrooms, I think it’s really easy to get “lost in the 60’s” thinking that everyone on earth should try this substance at least once in their life! I have noticed this to be a really common phenomenon in the psychedelic community. While I do relate to this, it really did get me thinking… Would mushrooms really benefit everyone?

The Dream

Imagining a world where everyone has experienced the beauty and magic that mushrooms bring can be really fun! Would it put an end to racism? Dissolve the way we think about money? Or maybe even bring world peace? Who knows! But I truly can’t imagine this dream world being very similar to the one we currently reside in. I think freedom would become our new currency, meaning people would sacrifice money in exchange for more time to simply enjoy life. The cost of living would drop drastically as a result as well because people wouldn’t mind living outside of the city and getting nourishment from a small garden or farm. Ultimately for me, I see this as just a more simple place to live. Somewhere where love, connection, and experiences are put at the forefront of our being and we aren’t poisoned by the greed that is currently being portrayed as “success”.

The Reality

In reality however I don’t think this will come to fruition any time soon. There is still way too much stigma around the use of psilocybin! Maybe when doing a quick google search it seems that the rules are starting to slacken out and more research is being done. While this is true and a great step in the right direction, I have noticed that this kind of information is kept out of the mainstream media. Both friends and family who aren’t tuned in to the psychedelic space still lack the understanding of them and put them in the same category of drugs such as cocaine and destructive substances alike. If you want to test this out yourself, at your next family dinner I suggest you openly state “I think the world would be so much better if everyone tripped on magic mushrooms”. While I’m obviously joking I think it’s a good way to think about how far we have actually come in the normalization of these substances.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day I truly believe that if everyone integrated psilocybin into their lives, at least once, our world would change for the better. With that being said, our society is just not ready for this. Psilocybin and psychedelics as a whole are just way too taboo currently, and a lot of work needs to be done. This is such an important task because in a world where there is constant complaining about the decisions that those in power make, we often forget that we were the ones who (as a whole) put these individuals in power in the first place. With that, it’s obvious that we need to change the mind of many over the mind of a few. So, let’s work together, spread the magic these medicines can bring into our world, and break this stigma I can’t even comprehend that got started.

Mush Love, Westcoast Team 🍄 ` 

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