Mushrooms for psychedelic exploration

Mushrooms For Psychedelic Exploration

There are a few reasons why someone may choose to consume psilocybin in a large dose. Maybe they are looking for healing, some insight, or simply just have interest in exploring the psychedelic headspace as a whole. As I become more and more familiar with this substance, my reasons for consuming it have changed significantly. My first time ever trying mushrooms was because I thought it would be fun! While that is what I received, I definitely underestimated what they are capable of and luckily was let off easy. I guess you could say the mushrooms were being nice to me so that I would come back in the future. After that, all of my trips were to experience healing and new insight into my current life challenges. Being that I have adopted a whole new mindset from this, I find there is less and less that truely troubles me. Given these results, most recently, everytime I have felt the call to embark on a mushroom journey, it hasn’t been for any of these reasons. It was simply for the purpose of psychedelic exploration.

How can you explore the psychedelic world?

Even after some extremely difficult experiences with psilocybin, for some reason I always found myself wanting to go back and extract more from the experience. Some people around me think I am a bit crazy, rolling the mushroom dice, hoping for a pleasant experience, but in reality I am going back because I am simply intrigued by these experiences you simply can’t have in normal waking life. While this is definitely not high up on the list for the best reasons to use mushrooms, I still think psychedelic exploration is important if you feel called and can be a very empowering interest. With that being said, you are playing with your brain, and this is definitely not something to take lightly. Assuming you are taking all precautions and respecting the medicine for what it truly is, exploring your psyche can be beneficial. Whether you learn a new way to look at situations, or meet some entities on your journey, who knows, either way for someone like me who is for whatever reason fascinated by these experiences, it has so far been only beneficial.

The unpleasant experiences

Throughout your journey of exploration, you will most likely at some point encounter an unpleasant experience. I would not call anything like this a “bad trip” as I simply don’t believe they exist. However, the mushrooms can put you in situations that are extremely uncomfortable in order to learn a lesson. With this, it’s important to make sure you are grounded before taking psychedelics because if you aren’t ready to accept certain things, it can definitely have a negative impact on your mental health day to day. These however are the trips I live for, teaching me to be comfortable, in uncomfortable situations is not only empowering, but makes everyday challenges a breeze. And when I am confronted with something truly difficult, I am prepared to take it on.

For some more insight, my last mushroom trip was quite unpleasant for the most part. Nothing made sense, I was completely confused, and felt like I had gone completely insane no matter how hard I tried to be mindful and come back to focusing on my breath. Although those six hours felt like an eternity, I realized how important losing your mind completely is from time to time. Being that I am grounded in reality and don’t let these experiences mess with me, I was able to realize that forgetting everything is such a healing experience, because it is through letting go of who we are, what we are, and even the language we speak, that we are able to find our true self once again.

Mush love, Westcoast team 🍄

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