What Is The Purpose Of Life?

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

I am not going to sit here, and pretend like I know what the point of living is. I mean, we can obviously all have our own opinions, but at the end of the day nobody truly knows. With that being said, I have come to a conclusion that I at least will not regret living by. Regardless of whether what I have to say is in line with reality, or not even close, this is what I have taken away from my life experience.

Life Is Complicated

Life as a whole is such a complex subject. I mean there is an infinite amount of jobs we can do, experiences we can have, and people we can meet. Being that we are all on such distinct paths, I feel as if life can have an infinite amount of meanings and purposes, or, there is absolutely no point of it at all. For me, I have settled on the conclusion that life is meaningless, but it is that way for a purpose.

I once heard someone say that life is one big joke, told backwards on purpose. This resonated with me deeply at the time because I thought to myself, if life really is meaningless, that would be one sick joke! All the time I spent stressing, worrying, tossing and turning in my bed would all be for nothing! And that’s when I realized that I may actually be onto something.

Live Life Like It’s Meaningless

Psychedelics tend to center me into the things that truly matter in my life. Family, love, passion, are all common themes that come up on my trips and make me realize how insignificant the things I am dealing with at the time actually are. If I died tomorrow would I really want to spend my last day stressing about a job that doesn’t serve me? Or would I quit that venture that no longer brings me happiness to spend more time with my family and or see the world!? Now I am not saying this is a shift you can just do, as we obviously all need money to live, but why not start taking the steps?

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

Even though the term YOLO is extremely outdated I still think it’s purpose rings true. We do only live once (that we remember at least) so why not do the things you always wanted to do. If you are passionate about something why not pursue it? Cause someone told you not to? Because you’re worried about finances? Although these seem like important things in our society, they are practically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and the last things you will be missing when you are floating up above in hyperspace. 

So, if life truly is one big joke and completely meaningless, I would want to be on the right side of that. Not caring about things that don’t really matter, focusing on experiences over finances, so that if life does turn out to be pointless, it won’t be for me because I had fun. 

Mush Love, Westcoast Team 🍄

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