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About Westcoast Microdose

Our Roots / Our Ethos

Our entire world is dependent upon fungi. Their alchemical bodies break down and recycle nutrients here on earth. Without them, there would be no soil, plants or food.
Nature reminds us that the breakdown is essential for regrowth to happen. Destruction and death are essential in the cycle of life.
We humans are not exempt from this process, the same cycle occurs within us. The breakdown of old neural pathways, states of being, thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, so new ones can take their place.
The elements are sacred and fungi are the global unifiers. They contain wisdom that we humans can use to unlock aspects of ourselves. To find our harmony, balance and restore our internal ecosystem into its natural state of homeostasis.
These medicines have the ability to guide us back into a state of unity. One in alignment with nature, the cosmos and back into the organic flow of life.
About Westcoast Microdose

We believe in a future where the masses are living their highest potential.

We at Westcoast Microdose wouldn’t be where we are or who we are today without them. It’s why we are passionate to share their alchemical magic with you. The power of intentional microdosing to increase your perceptual awareness and to connect you deeper into yourself and into all aspects of life – physical and nonphysical.
We believe in a future where the masses are living their highest potential.
We believe in a future where anything is possible.


  • Enhance Creativity
  • Restore Homeostasis
  • Increase Perceptual Awareness
  • Expand Perspective
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Increase Connection to Life

Top Clients Reviews

Great products and great people to deal with. Thanks!.

Jonathan Hamilton

Off antidepressants and feel the best I have in years since micro dosing. More clarity and focus..

Michelle M

Great products. I have been microdosing for years and Westcoast Microdose definitely has the best blends around =).

James Caldwell

The best products! I feel every mother needs to microdose, thank you!!!!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏.

Samantha Leguerrier

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