I have been experimenting with mushrooms recreationally and in a more sacred setting for the last few years. I personally find them to be very beneficial for personal growth and overall well-being. On the microdose level, they have helped me with mental clarity, creation of new ideas and overall improved mood. In comparison to other microdosing products I have tried, I really enjoy the synergy of ingredients from West Coast Microdose. I have noticed no uncomfortable onset or unwanted side effects from taking them. I range from taking them in the morning before work or in the late afternoon depending on what my day will look like. I love the enhanced mood and extra pep in my step, especially if I exercise the same day. I feel as though microdosing is going to help a lot of people come into more awareness and harmony with themselves.

- Kaila

Great product, the reason I started microdosing was for bio hacking purposes. The overall results form the vibe up product are exactly what I was looking for.

Increased focus, with a small amount of relaxation and self awareness. The vibe up product line has helped me achieve incredible results in several areas of my business. The main benefit for me is the feeling of happiness and self awareness.

Several tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis can be boring, the vibe up product line does exactly what its name states, it vibes up the energy and makes the tasks more enjoyable. Giving me the ability to take moments and just vibe to music, stare out a window and enjoy every moment even during the boring tasks

Thank you,

- Jonathan M

Why you started microdosing.
– I started microdosing because i wanted to unlock a new level of thinking and continue to be more consciously aware.

What are some of the noticeable benefits.
– Right away when i started microdosing i noticed a heightened mood, followed by a clarity and focus towards my thoughts. My thoughts turned from just thoughts to blueprints and planning these thoughts out in my head without an ounce of doubt nothing but full confidence. More long term effects would be in the way i see things, i have a more relaxed approach to things or situations I might of previously found irritable. and my slight anxiety towards getting things done has diminished as well.

What you enjoy about the product.
– I love the convenience factor the most, I think everyone who has a mental struggle of any kind should be microdosing mushrooms at least to try it out, and how convenient it is makes it very easy and accessible for people.

What is your overall take on the micro dosing movement.
– I am fully supporting the movement and I think that this is going to change lives all over the world.

- JM