Welcome to WestCoast Microdose. Here you will find everything you need to aid you in your microdose journey. 

We want to make sure we are offering education so you feel confident about your decision to try Vibe up, and so you are aware of the benefits of microdosing. Please click here to learn more about what microdosing is capable of supporting.


Step 1: Choose your dosage

We offer 3 options for your microdose capsule strength:

Step 2: Place your order on the SHOP page

Once you have placed your order through our secure online payment system, you will receive your medicine within a few days 

Step 3: Treat microdosing with intention

For your very first time, ensure that you are in a comfortable environment with no pressing responsibilities. After the session; microdosing will allow you to continue your normal routine without negatively affecting the outcomes. Do not change anything about your schedule or diet, so that changes can be observed within your typical environment.  

Step 4: Dosing

Clinical research and studies have found that microdosing every 2nd day achieves optimal results. Microdosing everyday can build up tolerance to the medicine. As we suggest this, it is important to pay attention to how you react personally to the microdosing. These are general guidelines, many people see great results with 2 days on, 2 days off or a customized schedule. 

Step 5: Raise your awareness

Keep a journal or daily log about the changes you have observed. This will help you decide how best to continue and how effective the medicine is for achieving your desired results. 

Step 6: Fill our our survey

Please help the community by filling out our survey which will be instrumental for future iterations and help push regulation and legislation for medicinal mushroom use.