Microdosing Protocol

Microdosing Protocol

  • Peer reviewed journal articles studying the most effective microdosing protocol recommended dosing once every three days.
  • It can be difficult to keep track of when to take your microdose because the days you take it may change each week, so we suggest using the Houston App! This app was thoughtfully designed to assist you with taking your microdoses and be a useful companion to your microdosing journey. Track your doses, set your intentions, learn new protocols and join the community! Download the app here.
  • We also recommend setting intention into the microdose before taking it. Make a conscious effort to feel what you intend the microdose to help you with. This could be anything from reducing your anxiety, lifting the weight of your depression, enhancing your creativity or giving you an overall boost in your mood.
  • If you still need to know more about microdosing we encourage you to enroll in this free Microdosing mini-course! Also, check out our resources page or send us a message!
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