Not encouraging but if you're going to do this, be smart and educated on this.

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As the use of plant medicine and its popularity grows around the world, our mission is to provide a safe space for those of you who are choosing to incorporate these plants into your life. We want you to have the proper steps and information to get the most out of your experience with them. It is of the utmost importance that we treat the entire industry and experience with the highest level of intention and respect. It truly is an honour and privilege to have to access these sacred plants. They deserve to be treated with a high level of respect and intention as the natural medicines they are.

First off let’s talk about intention. The power of intention is undeniable. We believe it’s important to set an intention into anything you are doing. Allowing the power of your mind to come online as you focus on the feeling or outcome in which you prefer to experience. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create our reality. Before consuming any substance it is important to know why you are doing it and to set your intention into it.

An intention is simply putting a thought or feeling into a future event or situation. If you are planning a “journey” of any sort, we suggest thinking about your intention prior to taking the substance. What do you want this experience to show you? What are you hoping is the outcome of the experience? This can be done either right before consumption or in the days leading up to it. The more intention you set into the event, the more powerful the event will be. The intention can be as simple as asking for clarity, expansion of perspective, curiosity, connection, or healing. If a challenging moment comes up or if uncomfortable emotions start to surface, you can trust it is exactly what is needing to happen to you. Breathe into it and remember why you chose to have this experience.

Just like anything in life, the power comes in knowing your WHY behind what you are doing.

Some examples of intentions:

“Thank you natural medicine for bringing me healing and clarity. May you further expand my perspective”.

“I am calling in profound clarity, trust, and support on this new path I am taking in life. May I be connected to my highest self, and to embody the energy and light I need to continue living my purpose”.

Setting an intention doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen exactly like you intend it to. But energetically you are putting thought, feeling, and energy into what you are doing, and that is what makes a powerful difference in your experience.

Power of knowledge. As we all know, knowledge is power. Knowing the best dosage for you before potentially consuming anything is important. We are all energetically and biochemically wired differently. Please do your own research to fully educate yourself and do not simply go off listening to others’ experiences. We encourage you to read through the resources provided here and to continue to do your own further research. Know exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you are putting into your body. Don’t do something just because someone else told you it will change your life. Make sure you are in a place where you have your own knowledge to ensure you are making an informed decision that is of the highest for yourself.

Having a trip guide. There are people who professionally do this, some are becoming legally registered. Others have been practicing with psychedelics for years and years. We know that not everyone has access to a guide, but finding someone who is experienced in sitting with someone while they journey is important. At the very least, having someone you trust and who is able to be there for you if you need any type of support during your experience, even if it’s just a hug. These journeys can be very transformational, life changing, and at times, intense. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS JOURNEY WITH SOMEONE YOU FEEL SAFE AROUND.

Use the highest respect for these substances. They have the power to transform your life in ways we are only just beginning to understand. There is a lot of interest right now about the incredible healing benefits they provide. In order to get the maximum benefits, their effects and power need to be respected and used responsibly. We are forging a new path, and we must show the rest of the world the level of intention and respect we have for making this choice for ourselves. In the 1950-60’s, humans messed this up. But now is different, and to be different, let’s make sure we are doing everything in our power to be handling these sacred medicines in the most professional, respectful, and safest way possible.

Set and setting.
It is also crucial to make sure your set and setting are optimal, comfortable, safe, and intentional. Before beginning a journey, make sure all messages, to-do lists, and schedules are cleared so that you can be fully present with the experience. You are in your zone with your guide for the 4-8 hours and you are not allowing anything to distract you or to take away from your experience. The goal here is to be present with whatever and however your journey turns out to be. Do whatever you have to do to feel clear and to make sure that everything is taken care of before beginning. You will want to create a safe space for yourself. Make sure to have some essentials oils, light snacks, lots of water, headphones, something to cover your eyes, and a pen and paper to write down what is needed. Focus on creating a vibe wherever you are that sets you up for a powerful, safe, and comfortable experience.

The after care is just as important as setting the intention and just as important as the actual experience itself. To take away all of the lessons and insights you will gain through the experience, recording what you learned so you can reflect on it during the days after is highly recommended. Spend time during the experience to write down any thoughts that come up for you.

The day after the experience, revisit what you went through and write it down. Listening to a guided meditation daily can help maximize the integration process. The more you focus and reflect on the experience you had, the more knowledge, healing, and transformation you will be able to have in your life, in this reality. The embodiment of the lessons can sometimes take time to come through. Allow yourself the space, time, and grace for the wisdom to be integrated into your being.

In closing. Be safe. Be educated. Be intentional. Be responsible. Integrate your experience and share it with the world. Use the highest level of respect, intention, and care for yourself and whoever else is with you. Respect the plants and they will respect you.

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