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Gratitude for life. Our most powerful tool for self growth

Gratitude for life. Our most powerful tool for self growth When you think about it, being grateful for your life is a bit of a weird concept. How can you possibly feel that feeling of gratitude when you have not experienced anything else? I mean sure you can compare yourself to those who have it harder than you, but this isn’t the type of gratitude i’m talking about. I’m talking about the act of being grateful to simply be alive.To me, …
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The importance of self care

Giving back to others is at the forefront of our minds this holiday season. With this, it can be easy to forget about ourselves! Let’s make it a goal to care for ourselves and unleash our true potential this year. We all know that the holiday season is the time for giving! Over the years, shifting from childhood into adulthood, I feel that most of us experience a transition in where we find our happiness during the holiday season. When we …
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Staying mentally healthy during the winter months

Here are my best tips on staying healthy this holiday season! Personally, I love the cold winter weather. The air is fresh, the snow is beautiful, and it makes me feel less guilty for staying indoors and binge watching Netflix. These benefits do however come with a few major caveats which unfortunately make winter not all sunshine and rainbows. Whether it’s the actual lack of sunshine and rainbows, the shorter days, or the literal cold preventing you from getting outside, I'm …
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