Can Microdosing Mushrooms Improve Relationships ?

microdosing mushrooms

Human instinct is to gravitate toward, try or read up on all things self-improvement. Add in relationship improvement and guaranteed, the list of people who would like to know the secret would sky-rocket.

The question we pose and unfold is: can microdosing mushrooms improve relationships?

Let’s begin by defining what constitutes as a “relationship”. Relationships are formed between two individuals. Those individuals could be lovers, friends, co-workers, siblings, family members or more. Relationships are the working cohesiveness (broken, bonded or whatnot) of two people. It is the connection between two entities, in this case, people. 

What is Microdosing

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Microdosing is the practice of administering small, precise amounts of a drug substance to reap specific, measurable and effective health benefits without altering or impairing the functionality of an individual.

Testimonials of Truth

The proof is in the pudding. Real-live people provided insight on their experiences with microdosing mushrooms in affiliation with their relationships. 

“When you finally connect with yourself, you have more of an ability to be accepting of others, as well as more authentic with them.” -Anonymous user

“I felt an increase in awareness in my own emotions, and an easier time starting and holding conversations.” –Janet L. Chang

“Microdosing itself doesn’t change the relationship. Changing yourself is what changes the relationship. Since I started microdosing, I have become less standoff-ish, open and warming which trickles down into my interactions with everyone.” –Jamaisvu33 (

Science Suggests 

Microdosing mushrooms affects the brain in where it offers much more of interconnectivity between regions of the brain that are typically non-communicational with each other. The result of this, offers a more creative, open-mindedness and clarity to the user. 

Magic mushrooms are known to affect the brain’s prefrontal cortex which is the part that controls abstract thinking, thought analysis and has a large portion of how mood and perception are perceived, to read more about this click here.

(Brain scans from Imperial College study showed a higher level of random neural activity than normal neural activity while under the influence of Psychedelics)

In an article published this February called “Can Microdosing Psychedelics Improve Your Relationship” Emily Kulpa and Kim Kuypers offer their professional opinion on the matter: 

Emily Kulpa, head pharmacist at the Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga’s Psychedelics Studies Research Program asserts that a number of studies suggest that microdosing can increase openness, empathy, mood and life satisfactions. Due to these adjustments to one’s behavior, it ultimately improves relationships in that person’s life. 

Offering more evidence, Kim Kuypers, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Maastricht University agrees that microdosing can lead to enhanced senses, positive mood, greater presence in the moment and improved-well-being. 

Yes, Microdosing Improves Relationships

Overall, the consensus is that microdosing itself cannot fix a broken relationship or the internal problems within that bond between you and another person, however it can change your outlook on life and personal mood.

Microdosing offers a chance for you as your own person to improve your communication, openness and tolerance which in turn allows for communication to be easier and clearer with other individuals ultimately improving relationships.

How to Microdose Psilocybin


Microdosing psilocybin includes a few different, yet important guidelines to refer to. Everyone is on their own journey; however, we suggest and offer helpful information upon your microdosing venture. 

Proper sourcing of the fungus, a couple different ways to microdose, and doses to take are included within this blog. Read on to learn how to microdose psilocybin. 

Proper Sourcing

First thing is first, source credible and pure psilocybin or (magic mushrooms). 

The importance of finding the most uninterrupted and natural mushroom form (preferably organic) to begin with is essential. This way the dosage and unobstructed pure mushroom entity will be ingested. 

Whether it’s doing your research and foraging for your own psilocybin mushrooms (pick wisely because the wrong mushroom could land you a bed in the hospital, or worse!) or it’s sourcing your mushrooms from a credible company or friend; knowing where your mushrooms come from are critical. 

Due to the fact these mushrooms are being ingested, the importance of their organic nature is quite heightened. Pesticides are dangerous and could interrupt the quality and benefits the untouched version possesses so be sure to do your due diligence. 

Ways to Microdose

There are a few different ways to ingest allocated microdoses of psilocybin. This could be in pure, whole mushroom form, powder form mixed in food or even steeped in tea or coffee.

Selecting the best way to microdose is completely up to you and what fits into your lifestyle or preferences.  

Popular microdosing ways include:

  • The chew and swallow method is just as simple as it sounds. This down the hatch method may appease some and not work for others due to the earthy and slightly bitter taste. 
  • Tea time anyone? Heat some hot water up (don’t boil it), chop up some mushrooms and toss em’ in. This magic tea will take 10-15 minutes to steep (letting the mushrooms rest in the water). 
  • Edibles can disguise the taste of psilocybin nearly completely. By adding crushed or ground up mushrooms into cooking, a sandwich, or any other culinary delight you wish may just be the most enjoyable way to ingest. Do note that adding them as a toping or after the “cooking” stage is the best option, as heat will break down the psilocybin components and effect the potency. 

Doses to Take

Microdose doses are recognized as small amounts, you know “micro” doses. These doses are typically 1/10th to 1/20th the recreational dose amounts. 

As you can imagine, microdosing is a very small amount and can range anywhere from .1 grams to .5 grams.

We suggest starting off small and adjusting as necessary. 

To measure out your desired dose amount, use a kitchen scale. 

Microdosing Psilocybin

Before you begin microdosing, do your research. Know and understand which drugs can counteract with this natural drug and do not take if those drugs are currently in your system.

It is also important to understand that in some cases, microdosing can effect an individual who has current medical disorders adversely.

How Psilocybin fights anxiety and depression


Psilocybin Battles Anxiety & Depression

Psilocybin, the active component in magic mushrooms has been directly linked to combating the effects of anxiety and depression in cancer patients through recent studies.

Findings conducted by a study performed at Johns Hopkins University and another led by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center confirm similarities. 

Why Target Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients?

Anxiety and depression are extremely prominent in cancer patients who are terminally ill and essentially have an “x” amount of time left.

The distress can be quite overwhelming for an individual once told they are going to die; so much so that their depressed mood and anxiety increases the chances of decreased treatment adherence. It can also lead to the patient contemplating suicide.

Anxiety and depression affect the patient in more ways than one, ultimately speeding up and increasing the chance of death earlier or significantly decreasing their quality of life. 

Johns Hopkins Study on Psilocybin in Cancer Patients

In this study, 51 patients with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis took part. All subjects were also diagnosed with anxiety, depression or a mixture of the two due to their initial cancer diagnosis. 

Study Details

The study proved that psilocybin had sustained and substantial benefits in treating anxiety and depression in the cancer patients. 

Through monitoring the individuals, it was clear that the increase of quality of life and optimism were prevalent. It also gave way to a decrease in anxiety with association to death.

The more amazing finding may be that after a 6-month follow-up with these patients, nearly 80% of them had sustaining benefits as reported just after that one allocated dose.

NYU Study on Psilocybin Relieves Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Advanced Cancer

Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center conducted a study on advanced cancer patients. The program outlined 29 individuals who also battled anxiety and depression on top of their initial diagnosis.  

Study Details

The study was allocated as a one dose of psilocybin coupled with psychological counseling. The results quickly brought relief to patients from their current distress and lasted over 6 months with an 80% sustaining rate! 

Psilocybin Battles Anxiety & Depression 

In neither one of these studies had reports of serious adverse effects of patients. This means, no hospitalization, or other serious medial health conditions. 

Psilocybin is a groundbreaking transformative care method that is an inexpensive treatment option with effective results. 

Benefits range from greater energy, optimism, variations of spirituality and unusual peacefulness.

If these formidable results were experienced with cancer patients’ anxiety and depression; it surely can and will benefit those with other medical conditions. 

Gabby Agin-Liebes, lead investigator of the long-term follow-up of these 2016 studies said: 

“The drug seems to facilitate a deep, meaningful experience that stays with a person and can fundamentally change his/her mindset and outlook.”

The Future of Cancer Patients and Psilocybin

The future is seemingly bright for cancer patients finding peace during treatment through the use of psilocybin. 

In relation to easing anxiety and depression throughout treatment in order to keep the patient optimistic and worry-free, psilocybin is a fantastic addition coupled with the numerous other treatments that individual is undergoing. 

Those individuals who are stage four and are going through hospice to find peace and relaxation throughout their final days, psilocybin will surely ease the mind through the anxiety of death. 

The World Health Organization estimated approximately 18+ million cases of cancer globally in 2018. Depression is much more common with cancer patients than with the general public so the future and placement of psilocybin in the medical field in promising.