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Mushrooms for psychedelic exploration

Mushrooms For Psychedelic Exploration There are a few reasons why someone may choose to consume psilocybin in a large dose. Maybe they are looking for healing, some insight, or simply just have interest in exploring the psychedelic headspace as a whole. As I become more and more familiar with this substance, my reasons for consuming it have changed significantly. My first time ever trying mushrooms was because I thought it would be fun! While that is what I received, I definitely …

Mushrooms,,, Are they just for tripping?

Mushrooms,,, Are they just for tripping? Mushrooms are truly one of the most interesting things mother nature has to offer. They can be used in everyday dishes, can provide nutrients for the body that cannot be found almost anywhere else, as well as be used to full out hallucinate! Being that mushrooms as a whole can be used in so many different ways, I thought it would be interesting to compare the two main categories of mushrooms, psychedelic and functional mushrooms! Let’s …

New Year, New Me

Choosing a new years resolution can be really difficult. This year, I am trying out a new way that chooses it for me! There is an old saying that says, what is faith without works. I think this is something that we can apply to many aspects of our lives. The aspect that I find relates most to me and I assume my readers as well, would be on the topic of taking mushrooms! In other words, what is the point …
magic mushrooms

Staying mentally healthy during the winter months

Here are my best tips on staying healthy this holiday season! Personally, I love the cold winter weather. The air is fresh, the snow is beautiful, and it makes me feel less guilty for staying indoors and binge watching Netflix. These benefits do however come with a few major caveats which unfortunately make winter not all sunshine and rainbows. Whether it’s the actual lack of sunshine and rainbows, the shorter days, or the literal cold preventing you from getting outside, I'm …
magic mushrooms

It’s hot drink season.. How about tea!

Are you looking to have a deeper connection with your medicine? I believe mushroom tea can help us achieve this! Well, it’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder which means our homes are getting cozier! Unfortunately for us in Vancouver the cold weather tends to bring along with it rain instead of the beautiful snow, but I guess rain carries its own beauty within it. A muddy, gloomy kinda beauty… My seasonal affective disorder aside, there is …