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magic mushrooms

Why are mushrooms such great teachers?

Why are mushrooms such great teachers? At this point in time I think it is safe to say that mushrooms are some of the best teachers on the planet. Whether the lesson is about a certain personality trait, or just simply encouraging you to workout, the amount of motivation I have to integrate the lessons learned are simply not comparable to another human telling me. Today I would like to work through this mystery and get to the bottom of the …
magic mushrooms

Are Mushrooms For Everyone?

Are Mushrooms For Everyone? After taking mushrooms, I think it’s really easy to get “lost in the 60’s” thinking that everyone on earth should try this substance at least once in their life! I have noticed this to be a really common phenomenon in the psychedelic community. While I do relate to this, it really did get me thinking… Would mushrooms really benefit everyone?The DreamImagining a world where everyone has experienced the beauty and magic that mushrooms bring can be really …