Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: A Testimonial

 Microdosing magic mushrooms or psilocybin as it’s known, has increasingly become a subject of much interest. The interest spawns from those who perhaps have tried psychedelics before and even sparks the curiosity to shroom-virgins. The reason for the eagerness lies within the health and wellness benefits that have been observed through studies, personal references and preclinical trials. A mental health advocate, Janet Chang, began her one-year microdosing psilocybin journey as a newbie in the psychedelic world. Read along to be taken on her account on …

Magic Mushrooms as an Anti-inflammatory

Psychedelics have recently been identified for their notable affiliation in treating many diseases; some of which include depression, anxiety and addiction. One of the newest additions to this list is the inclusion of magic mushrooms as an anti-inflammatory aid. My, my, my…this is BIG news! Inflammation can happen and has occurred to absolutely everyone. From athletes, to asthmatics, and even those of us who have been stung by a bee or even bumped our shin. The body naturally inflames when chaos ensues. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s …

Denver Coffee Company Pairing Psilocybin in Products

Your cup of coffee in the morning is now closer to “what the doctor ordered” than ever. Psilocybin in a morning brew? Your eyes read it right, a Denver, CO coffee company, Strava Craft Coffee is exploring the option to offer microdose levels of magic mushrooms in their coffee to patrons. Don’t be confused; it’s not available quite yet, but due to the recent decriminalization of magic mushrooms in the city, the idea that legality may follow offers quite a bit of excitement in the possibility …

What is Microdosing

Microdosing, have you heard or it, tried it, or perhaps wondered what it is exactly? Microdosing is the practice of administering small, precise amounts of a drug substance to reap specific, measurable and effective health benefits without altering or impairing the functionality of an individual. Let’s break it down. Micro comes from a Greek derivative (mikros), meaning small. Dose comes from the Greek words (didonai and dosis) which mean give and gift respectively. It means, a quantity of medicine or drug taken at a specific time.  History of …

Johns Hopkins to House Privately Funded Psychedelic Research Center

Johns Hopkins Medicine in Maryland will be the first placement in the United States to house the largest psychedelic research center in the world! A $17 million dollar start up fund has been privately donated by numerous contributors to the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. “We have to take braver and bolder steps if we want to help those suffering from chronic illnesses…By investing in the Johns Hopkins Center, we are investing in the hope that researchers keep proving the benefits of psychedelics – and people will have …

How Does Psilocybin Work?

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring compound found in some wild mushrooms. It is a chemical that offers psychedelic effects when ingested. Administration Psilocybin, also known as “magic mushrooms” are typically taken orally. Mushrooms can be either dried or fresh and eaten directly as so or brewed in tea. Effects are typically felt anywhere from 30-60 minutes after ingestion. Recreational Use When you think of magic mushrooms, I’m sure your head spins back to the 60’s. You know, the times of tie-die t-shirts and hippies dancing about. While this doesn’t fall …

10 Facts about Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms. We’ve all heard of them, but what are they exactly? Magic mushrooms are fungi that, when ingested can offer hallucinogenic (psilocybin) properties. These spores have been around long before humans and were originally used during spiritual and religious rituals. The 1950’s began the first documented recreational use of these psychedelics which paired magic mushrooms with a negative stigma that has carried on through time…even today. Combating the negativity that has surrounded these specific fungi, here are 10 Facts about Magic Mushrooms that maybe, just …
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